The design process

‘Good design is about controlling space and rearranging it sensibly and sustainably, considering the site and the ways people behave in and relate to it’

I want my clients to be fully aware of what is happening at every stage of their project, from the initial meeting through to completion of the project.


Find out below the different processes the practice puts in place for each stage of a garden design project.

Initial Meeting
During this informal visit, which takes place at the site of the proposed garden and is invaluable to get a picture of what your dream garden will look like, we get to meet each other and I get a sense of the location and its surroundings. At this point I will need to find out about your objectives, practical needs, aesthetic preferences and budget to best incorporate them into your new design. There is no charge for this visit.

Design Brief
The Design Brief outlines the scope of the project and forms the basis of any future conversations, along with an estimate of the fees for the proposed design work, which will be submitted to you in writing. Once the Design Brief is signed off I begin the design work. Depending on the size and complexity of the garden, I undertake or commission a detailed Site Survey, to measure the house and garden, ground levels, existing features and planting. At the same time I prepare a detailed Site Analysis, which together with the site survey will record all measurements and key features.

Outline Plan

Based on the information gained from the Initial Meeting with the client and from the Site Survey and Site Analysis, I develop an Outline Plan, which comprises of a series of loose sketches showing the overall layout of the proposed garden scheme, where any necessary amendments can still be made before signing the design off. To help the client gain a better insight into the future design I usually accompany the Outline Plan with a pictorial statement, such as a mood board or some inspiring pictures. 


Final Master Plan

The  Final Master Plan is a digitally-produced coloured plan showing the agreed design in detail. Additionally I can also produce a series of perspectives and 3D digitally animated visuals to let you ‘walk’ and ‘experience’ the design before you start building it.

Construction Drawings and Specifications

To ensure that the garden is built to the exact specification of the design I will also prepare the Construction Drawings and Setting Out Plans required by the contractors, along with Planting Plans, Planting Schedules and any other Specifications required to bring your garden to life. These specific documents will allow contractors to cost the build, and specify quantities and types of materials for the hardscape, along with levels and any other particular construction details required. At this stage, should you wish to select one of our recommended accredited contractors and suppliers, I would be happy to discuss project managing the entire build for you, to make sure the landscapers fully understand the project specifications and to liaise with them on your behalf.


Planting Plans

Once the hard landscaping has finished, I take care of the Soft Landscaping using the approved Planting Plans. I order your plants from carefully selected nurseries, I check them upon delivery, making sure that all plants are healthy, and that the quantities, size and species delivered are all correct. My solid horticultural knowledge and planting ethos means your scheme will not only be very attractive but it will also be sustainable and planted in a way that optimises its chances of growing successfully without too much care. 


Because gardens are alive, once your garden is created and planted it will continue to grow and develop and will therefore need an ongoing Maintenance Plan, which I can supply on request, so that your garden will look even more beautiful in the years to come and your investment will be maintained. And I can organise the right level of maintenance for your garden with one of our recommended landscapers. 

To arrange a garden design consultation, without obligation, please telephone us on: 07887 764244 or send us an email giving us brief initial details of your project.

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