what we do

We are equally happy to accompany you at every step of the process, from vision through to project management, planting and maintenance solutions, or to supply just one element of the design process, such as planting plans. We provide personalised and unique solutions for all types of gardens, from tiny roof terraces to family gardens and large country estates.

Based in Farnham, Surrey, Bella Gardens is a landscape design practice offering clients visually stunning gardens that work, by rearranging space sensibly and sustainably, and by taking into account the site and the way in which people behave in it and relate to it. 


In our busy lives we all dream of our own little haven of peace and quiet, often turning to our gardens not only as beautiful oases of calm and privacy but also as functional extensions of our living space. A successful garden should offer something for the entire family in a well-organised and stylish way; a beautiful space to entertain friends on a lovely summer evening, a play area for the children, a retreat to enjoy the surrounding views, a place to relax, or somewhere to successfully grow your vegetables.


Emanuela will guide you from your vision through to the beautiful outdoor living space of your dreams, aiming to exceed your expectations at every stage of the process, from the initial consultation to the completed garden. Her driving forces are a passion for excellence and a meticulous attention to detail, a deep respect and appreciation of each location, and the use of sympathetic materials and plants that will endure the test of time and still look stunning for many years to come.


If you don’t need a full design and construction service, but are just looking to rejuvenate your planting, or if you want to add a bit of “oomph” to your borders or even just style your garden for a specific event, the practice can offer a consultancy service to assist you with any of the above aspects. Even if you simply want a one-off meeting to discuss your garden and see how it can be improved.


Remember each garden is unique and Bella Gardens can tailor its services around your specific requirements.




To arrange a garden design consultation, without obligation, please ring us on: 07887 764244 or send us an email to bella@alladiosims.co.uk